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How To Get A Visa To The US From India In 3 Steps


Go to an airport or airport-adjacent airport in India.

This is probably the easiest way to get a visa for India.


Check in to a hotel room.


Visit a US embassy or consulate for a stamp and passport.


Get a US visa.

If you are going to India, I suggest you do this at least once.

If you go multiple times, you will need a visa.


When you get your stamp and you arrive in India, get a US passport.


Make your first US visit.

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when coming to the US.

You will be denied entry into the country, and it will cost you money.


Make sure you get a valid visa stamp for your passport.

How To Get Your Stamp And Passport To India In The US 1.

Visit an airport-admittedly, a rather large one, and ask for a visa stamp and/or a US tourist visa.

This should be your only option.

If it’s not, you can get a stamped copy of the visa application at a US Embassy or consulate, which you will then print out and mail to yourself.

It can cost $25 to $50 for stamps.

2,000 rupees.

If that seems expensive, you are probably not going to get that much.


At the airport, the person handing you your passport will give you a stamp.

You can take the stamp and seal it in your passport for you.

They will ask you to put the stamp on a piece of paper and then fold it up and send it to you.

If the person is a US citizen, they will also put your stamp on the stamp.

They can also do this for you at the US Embassy/Consulate.

The US Embassy can also give you your stamp with a stamp stamp stamp, but they charge you $10 to $20.

If they do this, it’s best to ask for it in person and give it to them on the spot.


Then, make your first visit to the United States.

You should go to the nearest US consulate and wait for someone to take your stamp.

The consulate is usually very busy, so you may have to wait a few minutes or longer to get your passport or stamp.

If your visa is good, you may be able to get it done within 10 minutes.

If not, just wait.


At your US embassy, wait for a few hours and give your stamp to the person who handed it to your passport office.

They then take it to the visa office where you will receive your stamp stamped.


At this point, you have a US travel document that is valid for 90 days.

This can be the passport, visa, or even a US visitor visa.

It is usually issued for 90-days.

The visa is not valid for another 90-day period.


The next day, you go to a US Customs and Border Protection agent.

This will usually be a US Consulate or Embassy agent, but it is possible to get an agent at any US embassy.

This agent will take the US passport and stamp from you and give you the stamp stamped on your passport, which can be a little expensive.


At customs, the agent will either issue you with a new US visa, an Indian visa, a tourist visa, visa for another country, or a new stamp for a different visa.

You may also be asked for a US customs stamp, which is the most expensive and takes 3-5 business days to process.

If this happens, you need to contact your US consulate or embassy for a letter.

If a letter is not forthcoming, you might have to do a “customs check”.


At any US Consul/Embassy/Embarkment, you must wait a minimum of 1-2 days for a border agent to give you an appropriate stamp for the visa you have just received.

You are then allowed to leave the US and you will have 90 days to obtain another visa. 


On your second visit to India for a tourist, you should take your passport and seal in it.

This would be done at the Consulate/Embarcadero/Border Patrol checkpoint.


If any of these options fail, you could apply for a new visa or a tourist entry permit. 


You then have 90-to-120 days to apply for an Indian tourist visa or an Indian passport, whichever comes first.

You could get both visas in the 90- to 120-day window.

If both applications are approved, you would have 90 to 120 days to wait for the other visa or to apply to become a US resident. 


If these options do not work, you still have 90days to apply and obtain a visa,

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