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How to talk to your boss about politics

How do you tell your boss you hate them?

That’s what a new book by University of Toronto sociologist Amy Miller tells her story.

Miller’s new book, The Boss’s Party, is a work of sociology that offers a “guerrilla” approach to dealing with bossy bosses who treat you like a commodity, she said.

Miller tells the story of a female colleague who quit her job because of her boss’ treatment of her.

She was eventually fired.

“She thought she was the one who had lost her job, and she was wrong,” Miller told the CBC’s As It Happens.

Miller, a professor of sociology at U of T’s Osgoode Hall Law School, said bosses often tell colleagues they are tired of being treated like a “chink in the armor,” as one colleague put it.

“You need to tell your bosses to stand up for themselves.”

Miller says the book is meant to be a guide for anyone who feels like they are being mistreated by their boss.

“The boss is the worst.

They treat you as if you are disposable,” she said in an interview with the CBC.

Miller is one of several authors who have been writing about the way people in a variety of industries have been treated in recent years.

Some employers, she noted, have taken to hiring and firing their employees based on who is on social media, and how much money they have, instead of on whether or not they are performing.

“That is not a healthy workplace,” Miller said.

“If you don’t have your bosses on Twitter, then you are a little bit vulnerable.”

Miller said social media is a place where many people feel comfortable talking about their political views, and a place people like her have felt isolated from their colleagues.

The Boss is a book Miller wrote about her experience at a Canadian corporation.

It was a book that she said was a bit of a shock.

“I got a call at 5:30 a.m. from the vice-president of HR who told me that she had heard from a former employee who was leaving the company.

The woman had been fired after two years of work for talking too much about her political views,” Miller wrote.

“Her bosses were also aware of the harassment that had been going on.

I felt I had no choice but to leave.”

The Boss offers advice for those who have experienced workplace harassment.

Miller said she would suggest that if you’re feeling unsafe at work, you should “tell your boss that you are leaving,” Miller’s book states.

“It might help them to feel a little less guilty.”

Miller wrote the book after reading an article about a Canadian woman who was fired for using a political Facebook account to express her frustration with her boss.

She says that in her experience, many employers feel it’s not worth it to talk about political views at work.

“People will take it for granted,” Miller says.

“But it’s the way they work, the way that they communicate.”

“I thought it was so sad that my boss could take a political view,” Miller added.

“How dare she take a viewpoint that she finds distasteful?”

“She had no other choice.

She had to have it out.

She couldn’t be in a position of power, in a company where she had power.”

Miller found out that her boss had fired her for discussing politics on Facebook, Miller told As It Goes.

She immediately started the Twitter account to tell her boss about her experiences, but was told she could not post.

“They just told me it was my boss’s decision,” Miller continued.

“This was not the kind of job that I wanted.

I thought I had the right to speak out, but it was all taken away from me.”

She said her boss told her to keep it private.

“My boss told me I was a little too politically sensitive.

They didn’t want to offend me, so they had to do it.”

Miller posted a message to the Twitter handle that was later deleted, but said she has received messages from people who support her, including one person who has been fired for voicing her political opinions.

She told As They Happen that she doesn’t believe her boss has made a conscious decision to keep her private, and that she feels betrayed by her boss for her political opinion.

“He’s a very, very nice man, but he’s not a good person,” Miller lamented.

“His decision to do this to me, I don’t think he was really thinking about it.”

What you need to know about sexual harassment:

Which is the most popular travel visa?

It has long been the case that the more you know about a particular country, the more likely you are to be accepted.

But now there are signs that this trend is changing.

There is a new trend: more people are using their own credit card to book travel.

The data from the Credit Suisse Group shows that the number of people who are travelling on credit cards rose from 17.4 per cent in March to 21.4 percent in September.

The trend appears to be linked to the introduction of the Visa Checkout service from Credit Suse.

It allows people to check the validity of their credit card online, with a link to the relevant website.

The number of tourists travelling by credit card increased by 11.3 per cent last year, the data shows.

The figures are also an indication of the increasing popularity of the European Union’s (EU) Visa Checkup service, which allows citizens of other EU member states to check in to the EU for a visa application and payment.

In the UK, the number visiting the country by credit was up 12.6 per cent.

More than 1,500 Britons were taking part in the VisaCheckout scheme last year.

The UK has seen a rise in visitors from overseas since the Brexit vote, with around half of all visitors from abroad now travelling on British credit cards.

The majority of those who travelled on British cards went abroad for business, leisure and pleasure purposes.

The new trend may come as no surprise.

The EU has been keen to see the number increase for some time.

In February, it announced a programme called ‘Operation Visa’ to make the EU more attractive for tourists.

The scheme was launched to encourage people to visit the EU and its member states more frequently, with up to €20,000 available for a first visit, and €100,000 for subsequent visits.

The European Commission also wants to boost the numbers of tourists who can be accepted for a Visa Check-up in a given country.

But the numbers so far suggest the change is working.

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