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Trump calls for investigation into ‘virus’ on ‘viral’ visas, 2b Visa and H2B visas

The Trump administration is considering a probe into the number of visas and the surge of EB1 and H1B visas that are flowing to the United States, according to a report Wednesday from Politico.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment.

The EB1, H1 and B visas have been a boon for companies and industries that rely on foreign workers.

Critics say they are a magnet for visa fraud, but the administration has defended the programs as necessary for attracting foreign workers to the U.S. as the country’s economy booms.

“We are looking at all of these visa programs, and there is nothing in there that suggests they are not working,” White House press secretary Lindsay Walters said during a press briefing last week.

“I don’t think that they have caused any increase in visa applications.”

While some have accused the president of having a political vendetta against some of the visa programs he has proposed since taking office, Walters said the administration is not considering targeting specific visa categories.

“That is not something that we are considering at this time,” Walters said.

The president has also vowed to crack down on the nation’s illegal immigration, a theme that he echoed in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“When you look at the number, it’s a massive number.

It’s a lot of people.

We’re not going to get rid of all of them,” he said.”

You can’t go around making it easier for people to come into the country.

You’ve got to get people who are going to make good, decent Americans.

And we’re going to have a very, very tough approach to that.”

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