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Why is the U.S. canceling visas for Israeli citizens?

An Israeli-American man was caught in a sting operation by the U,S.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, and the U was forced to revoke his Israeli passport, sources said Sunday.

The man, Shaul N. Shaul, was caught by the FBI at a New York City airport and charged with trying to smuggle drugs and firearms into the U., the sources said.

The U.K.-based government agency said that Shaul was the first Israeli-born person to be arrested by the ICE in the United States.

Shaul’s wife, Ewa, was arrested in January by ICE agents in New York.

Her passport was revoked on Friday and she was sent back to Israel, where she will be deported back to the United Kingdom.

She was released on Friday evening.

The family was not in contact with the family during the deportation, and their whereabouts were not clear, according to a spokesperson for the Immigration and Homeland Security Department.

Shulans son, Sivan, was also arrested in New Jersey on suspicion of trying to enter the United State illegally.

His wife, Elhanan, was charged with smuggling drugs into the country.

The arrests came after the U-S.

government decided to halt visa processing for Israelis who are suspected of committing crimes, such as being in the country illegally or trying to return.

In November, the State Department announced that it would suspend all visa applications for Israelis for a period of five years, pending a review of visa policies.

The U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has condemned the arrest of Shaul and Ewa and urged the U to reinstate their visa.

Williamson Sonoma gets new e3 visa (2)

WilliamsonSonoma.com is reporting that Williamson, who previously worked in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, has signed a new visa.

The e3 is Williamson’s second e3, which was announced in October.

The visa allows him to enter the U.S. as an artist and as a permanent resident.

His wife, Mary, will also be able to travel to the U, as will her daughter, Lillian, and her son, Matthew.

The Sonoma State College graduate is currently in the midst of writing his first solo album.

He’s also set to release a solo album on January 20.

Williamson’s wife Mary and her daughter Lillian in March 2015.

William’s son Matthew in September 2016.

WilliamSonoma is located in Sonoma County and has a population of about 16,000.

The new visa allows Williamson to enter as a “professional artist,” meaning that he will be able attend Sonoma Country Fair and concerts, which are usually held in downtown Los Angeles.

In addition, he will also qualify for certain other benefits.

WilliamSON: New Sonoma visa allows me to enter U.K. and work, as well as attend concerts and festivals.

Theres also a new e-visa for me that gives me a very nice visa.

What are the visas?

The Norwegian immigration system is a bit different from the UK’s.

A Norwegian visa is essentially a work permit, and it’s not valid for long periods of time.

The Norwegian government is hoping to get more people to move to the country to work, but many don’t have the qualifications to get a job.

Some people work for the government and have no job prospects.

A couple of years ago, the government was forced to close the border with Denmark after the country had two million people.

However, Norway has more than 70,000 migrants from abroad who are eligible for a work visa.

Norway is also an EU member state, meaning it has its own regulations on who can enter and leave.

But for many, the biggest hurdle is the Norwegian immigration process itself.

This article first appeared on the BBC News website.

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