Southwest visa application is down to only 15 people, company says

Jun 10, 2021 America's visa

Southwestern Australia has only 15 visa applicants available for the 2017 season, and even fewer for the 2016 season, the company responsible for the program has said.

Key points:Southwest Visa Application is down 15 per cent to 20 applicationsThis was the only one of the company’s 13 applications that was approved by the Immigration DepartmentThe South Australian Government has decided to terminate the program and is now seeking to reinstate itThe South Australia Government has announced it will terminate the South West Australia visa program after a year of operationThe decision comes after the Immigration Minister said it was “time for change”.

South West’s South West Queensland application was down to just 16 applications, and only one was approved, while the ACT’s Queensland application, which was up to 22 applications, was approved.

But the Government said the Queensland program was “no longer viable” and would not be renewed.

The South West application was “a total disaster”, with only eight applicants, all of whom were “very qualified”, making the process “difficult and expensive”, said the South Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Government’s decision to terminate South West Visa Application came after it was revealed the program was down 15.7 per cent this year.

The SA Government’s program, which is administered by the South Australia Immigration Department, was up 17.9 per cent in terms of applications and the ACT Government’s application was up 22.7 percent.

In total, the state received 11,093 applications from people from South Australia, South Australia and the NT for the visa.

However, there are now only 11 applicants in total for the South Queensland program, as the Government has determined that the SA program is no longer viable.

The State Government has chosen not to renew South West’s program and will seek to reinstitute it in Queensland next year.

But this decision will not mean the program is shut down in Queensland.

South West has applied for an extension of the program but has been told it would have to be approved by a higher body, which could take weeks or months.

The program is now set to be closed in 2019.

South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill said the decision was a “dramatic departure from the spirit of the visa program” and that it was a matter for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

“We are a small state with only 1.6 million people and the SA visa program is a very small and under-resourced program,” he said.

The Department of Tourism and Sport has confirmed that the South South Queensland visa program was also in “excellent” condition and will continue to operate, but would not say when it would be restarted.””

I am very disappointed that South Australia has chosen to terminate this program and seek to restart it in 2019.”

The Department of Tourism and Sport has confirmed that the South South Queensland visa program was also in “excellent” condition and will continue to operate, but would not say when it would be restarted.

“I’m disappointed that we are no longer in a position to reopen the program,” Department of Sport and Tourism manager Tim Bannister said.

“The SA program will not be restarting until we have a better understanding of what we need to do to improve the program.”

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