Why we need the ‘Rapid Vise’ to stop refugees entering Canada

Oct 8, 2021 UK visa

By Stephen BrossardCBC NewsThe rapid Vise has a few problems.

It’s slow.

It can’t be used on people who aren’t here yet.

It doesn’t work in remote areas.

And it’s not a quick fix.

The visa-issuing country of Uzbekistan has already put it in the bin.

But there are ways the Vise could work better.

So how can it work?

That’s where Canada’s Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism, David Heurtel, and immigration lawyers in Quebec City come in.

In a recent court case, the two argued that the visa-checking machine that the Vises are based on doesn’t adequately check for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

And the problem is, it doesn’t always work.

In the past, it could work for certain people.

But in a recent interview with the CBC, Heurtels team says it’s more likely that people from the countries of the Middle East, Africa and the Americas will try to sneak into Canada.

The machine can’t handle the complexity of their accents.

And they’re likely to go to the consulate with the help of smugglers or criminals.

So why does this matter?

Because the Vising has a big, obvious impact on the way we look at refugees, immigrants and visitors.

If we’re going to be a welcoming and welcoming country for Canadians, we need to make sure we’re always screening our own citizens.

And if the machine can be slow and inefficient, we might not be able to screen them all, he said.

Heurteling’s team says we need more of the Vised.

And he said he wants it to be in place by the end of 2018.

The visa-picking machine used by the Visers could also be improved by better software, he added.

It might work better for people who are already here, but it’s less likely to catch people who’re trying to cross into Canada illegally.

The Vises already have a “no entry” list, but Heurtela is also pushing for a more thorough list.

And he said the Vists will work even harder to keep immigrants in their countries of origin.

He told the CBC that the machines might work for people from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

But he also said the machines shouldn’t be given a free pass to ignore the needs of other people in Canada.

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