How to get a Nintendo Visa for the United States

Sep 27, 2021 America's visa

A new digital card is making its way to U.S. consumers, and it’s coming with a big caveat: You must be a member of the U.K. online retailer and have a passport or an Australian passport to purchase it.

The card, dubbed the “Nintendo Visa,” has been made available for purchase on the company’s website, and users can get their hands on it in just over a week.

That’s the same time frame as the original Nintendo Visa card was available in the U, so if you’re looking to snag one of these cards for your home country, you might want to wait until the next two weeks or so.

The Nintendo Visa’s basic feature set includes one-year, non-refundable, two-month free shipping and is valid for the following Nintendo consoles: Wii U, 3DS, Wii, Wii U Plus, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo SNES, Nintendo NX, and Nintendo DS.

It also includes the following accessories: one Nintendo Entertainment System, one Nintendo Game Boy Advance, one GameCube controller, one Wii Remote, and one Wii Balance Board.

The Visa is available through the Nintendo website for $99.99 USD, which includes a free one-month shipping, but there are some caveats that come with the card.

Users will need to have a valid U.A. address to sign up and will be required to submit a passport.

Nintendo said the card is valid from March 21 to June 28, but only one person per household can use the card at a time.

If you’ve already registered for one of the other Nintendo online card programs like the Visa card, there is no additional charge.

This card also does not allow for purchases made with pre-orders.

The original Nintendo card expired in the first quarter of 2016, but the company has been working on a replacement that could be in the works.

While the Nintendo Visa is essentially a one-time deal, the company isn’t offering a lifetime subscription.

That means the card won’t last forever, but it’s definitely something you’d want to keep an eye on.

In other news, you can see a video from the upcoming Nintendo Direct right here.

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