How to use your Visa for the first time

Sep 1, 2021 Spain's visa

When you get a visa you get one that says ‘This visa is only for you’.

It’s important that you don’t use it for anything else.

This means you should only use the visa to: • Apply for a job in Australia or overseas • Apply to apply for a visa for a business • Apply in person to a local authority or court If you use your visa to apply or apply in person, you should keep the visa in a safe place and never use it in public.

You should also make sure that you get proper documentation on your visa so that you can prove that you are in Australia and you have valid travel documents.

Your documents include a work permit and a travel document.

If you have a travel visa, you can use it to visit Australia and travel there if you can show that you have the right to do so.

If your visa is a visa-on-arrival, you need to apply to get one.

This is called a ‘visa-on arrival’ visa and it allows you to travel overseas for a limited time, so you can visit your family and friends in Australia.

You can apply for either a visa on arrival visa or a visa in transit visa.

The process of applying for a temporary visa can be a little different depending on your circumstances.

What you need Before you apply for your visa, make sure you have: • the required documents – a letter from a lawyer, accountant or doctor who has examined you or your business; or an invitation from your employer; or a copy of the passport or travel document you got from the consulate of your home country.

• the right type of visa – you can apply with either a ‘permanent’ visa or an ‘expedited’ visa.

If the visa is for a permanent visa, it must be valid for at least 3 months and you will be able to visit your parents in Australia as long as you don

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