How to get an e visa in India?

Aug 17, 2021 German visa

An e visa is a green card issued by India and gives a person the right to work and reside in India, and get a passport, in exchange for a fixed number of years.

India has a long tradition of issuing visas for people who have worked and live in India.

The visa can be used to enter the country for a limited period, but can also be withdrawn at any time for reasons such as family commitments or medical emergencies.

The length of the stay depends on the length of a person’s working or studying visa, and can be as short as one year or as long as five years.

Here are the basic steps for getting an e-visa in India: Make sure you have a passport that’s valid in the country of residence Make sure your visa has a date of validity and you’re able to renew it within 30 days of the expiry date of your visa (you must have an e passport with you at all times) You must have a valid photo ID (if you have one, you must bring it with you when you enter India) Bring all the documents required by your visa to India Make sure the documents you bring are authentic and match the document you intend to use to enter India.

If you’re unsure about what your visa says, check the details online before you enter the India.

For details on how to apply for an e tourist visa in the India, see the Visa section of our guide.

How long does it take to get a visa?

Depending on your visa type, you can be issued with an e or a tourist visa within 30 to 90 days.

It will vary depending on the visa you have, but it’s usually longer.

You can also apply for a visa within five to 14 days.

For more information on getting an Indian visa, see our Visa section.

How do I apply for my e-visa?

You can submit your e-ticket online at Indian visa portal, or mail your application to:

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