How to apply for a gap visa on a holiday to Australia

Aug 12, 2021 German visa

What do you need to know about applying for a visa on your holiday to another country?

What are the visa requirements for an Australian citizen?

What visa can you apply for?

If you’re an Australian you may be able to apply on your own if you’re in a family holiday with your partner or partner’s child.

Read more:What you need when applying for the gap visaHow to applyIf you’re applying for your own visa, you’ll need to get an assessment of your eligibility from your embassy or consulate, and then apply for the visa.

If you’ve been in Australia for more than five years, you can apply for either the gap or full visa, depending on the circumstances.

If your partner is already a resident of Australia, they can apply to apply to the gap as a temporary resident.

You can apply if:Your partner lives in Australia, and they’re eligible for a full visa.

Your partner has been in the country for five years or more and they have not been granted a visa to stay.

Your spouse or common-law partner is eligible for an indefinite stay in Australia.

Your child is a child of a person who is eligible to apply.

You have been married to or in a civil partnership to a person eligible for permanent residency in Australia or for a long-term visa.

You’re a child under 18 and a spouse or civil partner of someone who is entitled to permanent residency.

You and your partner are entitled to be registered on the same visa, but you’ll have to apply separately.

You are a family member of someone whose eligibility for a permanent visa has been terminated because of a serious health condition.

What to doIf you need a visa for an overseas holiday, it’s best to apply before your holiday.

Your application should include the full details of your plans, your destination, and any other relevant information.

If you don’t, your visa will be refused.

You’ll need:Your passport or travel document, including any documents you’ll use to enter the countryThe details of the travel to your destinationYour contact details, including phone number and email addressYou’ll also need:The visa application formYou’ll be asked to sign it and give your passport or visa number.

If it’s your first time applying for any kind of visa, make sure you understand what you’re doing and what you want to do with your visa application.

You should also check with your embassy to make sure it’s correct.

If the embassy doesn’t understand your question, it may ask for more information.

If they don’t understand it, it might ask you to send it to them.

If a visa application isn’t successful, you may need to apply again.

Read our advice on visa applications.

If everything’s going well, the embassy or consul will send you an electronic passport, which you can use at your destination to apply at a later date.

If there’s a problem with your application, your embassy can tell you what to do.

The visa will stay with your destination until your travel visa expires, but it can be cancelled.

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