Canada: Harleys ‘not legal’ for tourists

May 22, 2021 America's visa

A Canadian tourist visa has been cancelled after a ban on motorcycle bikes was upheld in Canada’s Supreme Court.

The case stems from a 2015 ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada that found the Harley Davidson motorcycle to be a prohibited weapon under Canada’s Firearms Act, and the law has since been applied to other types of weapons.

The High Court ruling was appealed to the Federal Court of Appeal in 2017, but a decision was not issued until this year.

Canadian police and the Federal Government have been asked to clarify their position.

Harley Davidson, a Canadian manufacturer of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, is banned in Canada.

The law has now been applied as a result of the Supreme in Canada decision, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said in a statement.

“We are pleased the Supreme has recognised the harm caused by these prohibited weapons and are considering our next steps to ensure they are not used again,” the FBI said.

The Supreme Court decision came after an earlier ruling by Federal Court Justice Elizabeth Macdonald that found Harley Davidson’s “disadvantageous” position on the road “could not be attributed to a general absence of other factors” that would make it a “more suitable” target for crime.

A statement issued by Harley Davidson said the company was “disappointed” with the ruling, but would continue to fight the ban.

Harleys spokesman Paul Smith said the Harley-Davidsons “very recent history of safety and security measures has been very successful and has led to very few incidents in Canada”.

“We hope the Federal government’s review will find that its position on this matter is correct,” he added.

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